Risk Acknowledgement


  • I fully recognize that there are certain risks and responsibilities to which I may be exposed by participating in the activities in the MIX.  Although designed to enhance my general education, participation in this program is entirely voluntary and is not required as part of any academic program or course.

  • The following is a description and list of examples of specific, significant, non-obvious dangers and risks associated with these activities.  The dangers and risks listed are not exclusive and I realize that other significant risks and dangers may be present in the activities: Failing to wear safety glasses and gloves while handling materials, failing to secure loose clothing or long hair near rotating components, burns from attempting to touch 3D Printed material during or immediately after print has completed, burns from improper handling of soldering irons, fume inhalation from improper use of the fume extractor, electric shock while building circuits, or any other personal injuries sustained while working or being in the MIX during planned or unplanned activities

  • I understand that I may be responsible for repairing or replacing equipment if I damage it through careless, reckless or improper use

  • If I become injured or ill while participating in the program, I hereby authorize the following person to act on your behalf in obtaining medical treatment.  I understand and agree that I am fully responsible for all expenses incurred for any medical care I receive during the program.

Risk Waiver

By signing up for workshops and checking out equipment, I acknowledge that I am 18 or older, have been informed about certain risks and responsibilities involved in this program and that I am knowingly and voluntarily assuming them.  By doing so I also agree, for myself, my heirs and assigns, to release and hold harmless George Mason University, its employees and agents, from any legal claim or liability for any bodily injury and personal property damage that is caused to me by the negligent act or omission of third parties, arising from my activities under this agreement.