What is the Mason Innovation Exchange?

The Mason Innovation Exchange is a university-wide initiative meant to transform Mason into a regional hub for entrepreneurship and innovation.

What is the MIX?

The MIX, part of the Mason Innovation Exchange, is a network of entrepreneurship-focused collaboration and maker spaces.  There are two locations.  

What does the MIX do?

The MIX provides places where Mason students, faculty, and staff from across the university can come together to develop ideas, research problems, craft solutions, and start companies.

What is the mission of the MIX?

The mission of the MIX is to encourage and celebrate entrepreneurship and innovation across the whole of the university.

What’s available at the MIX?


  • Over 90 tables with seating
  • Rolling monitors and whiteboards
  • Maker equipment—3D printers, sewing machines, electronics, vinyl cutter, heat press and various hand tools
  • Venue for events and programs that support, promote, and showcase entrepreneurship and innovation across campus


  • Maker equipment—3D printers, laser engraver, soldering equipment, and various hand tools

Visit http://mix.gmu.edu for more about the MIX and http://startup.gmu.edu for more information about entrepreneurial programs and resources at Mason.




4400 University Drive
Fenwick Library A-Wing
Fairfax, VA 22030
(703) 993-6499

Monday-Thursday: 9am-5pm
Friday: 9am-2pm


4400 University Drive
318 Innovation Hall
Fairfax, VA 22030
(703) 993-5899

Closed until Fall semester