Q.Who can use the space?

A. Both spaces (MIX@Fenwick and MIX@Innovation) are open to all George Mason University (GMU) students, faculty, and staff. Most of our equipment (including 3D printers) are available on a first-come-first-serve basis.


Q. do you charge for use of the 3d printers or any other equipment?

A. No, we do not charge for equipment use. However, some equipment and machines may require you to complete a free certification workshop before use.


Q. Are workshops free?

A. Yes, all the workshops we offer are free for GMU students, faculty, and staff. Some workshops may require you to bring a computer to complete (e.g. AutoCAD, graphic design, animation). 


Q.What are your hours and how can i find you?

A. Hours for each space are listed under the "Location and Hours" tab on the menu above. Hours may vary on each location and changes from semester to semester. 


Q. do alumni have access to the mix?

A. Alumni are free to check out our spaces, but unfortunately we do not offer access to the equipment at this time. 


Q. Who can I contact if i have specific questions?

A. You many send all questions to our email, mix@gmu.edu, or come in to the MIX@Fenwick or the MIX@Innovation locations. The MIX staff will answer your questions and help you with using the equipment/machinery.


Q. I am not affiliated with GMU, may i still use the space or schedule tours/events?

A. We offer tours to anyone who is interested. For more specific inquires, please check out our Request MIX Space page or contact Nicole by email at nkelleh@gmu.edu.


Still have a question? We'd love to hear from you.